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Ardent Longing For God

This psalm by David, expresses the intimate relationship between God and the

worshiper. I can picture Jesus, being familiar and praying with this psalm and have always

prayed it myself thinking that. Sometimes caretaking can seem parched, lifeless, without water,

and land. In those times we might feel discouraged, the psalms are a strong comfort. Verse

further on, also consoles and gives hope. “My soul clings fast to You; Your right hand upholds

me.” A thirsting heart seeks the Lord, and we are restless, until we rest in God. I can trust God is

maintaining ‘everything’ in my life, and in the lives of those I love.

Sharing wisdom from Joan Chittister (From 25 Windows into the Soul, Praying with the

Psalms) “How long has it been since you’ve taken a day simply to reflect on the way you live –

how fast, how balanced, how sensible, how realistic is it? The sad thing is that too often, we

choose to fret about life, rather than reflect on it.” When we do get the chance to reflect and

look at how many times God has been there for us, we might realize that our expectations for

others and ourselves can be out of line and to our detriment. I read recently that high

expectations are often a form of trying to control both the outcome and other people, and can

lead to considerable stress and mood swings.

God is there guiding us to our best self and calls us to be our own best friend. However,

if our expectations or perfectionism is over the top, it calls for possible adjustment. Take time

to notice your expectations. Try to recognize each time you feel annoyed, frustrated, or let

down. What is the expectation behind what you are feeling? My husband use to say, “If you do

not expect, you will not be disappointed.” When we look back on our difficulties, we realize

that they were not the end of the story, God used them to strengthen us and build our

confidence. I believe He is still does today.

The Word Among Us, Daily Meditations for January 27 wrote, “As we keep our eyes on

all that God has brought us through already, we deepen our ability to endure. We grow in

trusting that even now, God is faithful and will be with us. We come to understand that He will

give us the stamina we need to do His will. And so, we become like Hebrews 10:39, ‘We are not

among those who draw back and perish, but among those who have faith and will possess life.”

Recognize that fear can crowd out our confidence in the Lord. Overwhelming forces that

threaten us, sickness, broken relationships, uncertainty about the future, awaken fear. Lean on

the great evidence of God’s loving care through the years of your life. Every time fear threatens

faith, try to trust, and hold firm to Faithful love. In faith, I believe Love overcomes, do you?

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