CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER, “Forgotten Yourself While Taking Care of Another?” A 12 Hour, Six Week Series of 2 Hours each Starting Sept 30, from 10am- 12:00pm. For more information or to register, Contact the Center at Mariandale at or visit their website,,  and select Online Programs > Calendar > Click on Sept 30.

SPIRITUAL CARE VISITOR HOW-TO TRAINING, For skills-based volunteers. A 20 hour 8-unit series of 2 and one half hours each starting this fall. Watch for dates and times. For information                                                                                                      



Forgotten Yourself While Taking Care of Another? 

Attending our Care for the Caregiver six-week, twelve-hour course, you will gain awareness consolation, encouragement, in addition to nourishment, restoration, enrichment, and insight.

This course Includes prayer, scripture, interactive group exercises, faith sharing and handouts that will inspire questions to ponder while growing in perspective each week.

 “Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.” Matthew 25:40

Week 1 – Resistance/Acceptance                                        Week 4 – Caretaking W/Spirituality

Week 2 – Illness Issues                                                         Week 5 – Suffering & Grief

Week 3 – Communication with Awareness                         Week 6 – Caring for the Caregiver


Attending our Spiritual Care Visitors course totaling twenty hours consisting of eight units of two and a half hours each, you will become self-aware of attitudes, values and assumptions, including how to develop proficient pastoral care skill volunteers, with caution not to fix or exceed the boundaries of inexperience.

The course includes prayer, scripture, interactive group exercises, faith-sharing, plus handouts that will inform, encourage and enrich pastoral care skills, while incorporating personal faith experience to put together skills and confidence to follow the call.


“Comfort, Give Comfort to My People, Says Your God.”  Isaiah 40:1

Unit 1 – Orientation, Introduction to Visiting                              Unit 5 – Suffering & Grief                            

Unit 2 – Discernment – Is Pastoral Care For You?                     Unit 6 – Death & Dying                            

Unit 3 – Communication With Awareness                                  Unit 7 – Stress / Self Care

Unit 4 – Aging & Illness Issues                                                    Unit 8 – Preparation For Clinical Visits

NOTE: SCV Instructors course is available in an easy to use COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL with all materials necessary for a complete training program.


For additional information and scheduling availability, email or call 516-795-1200.

Evaluation Comments from previous participants

"The handouts, PowerPoint Presentation are a wonderful resource and the program is well organized and presented. Thanks!"

​ I am better equipped to assist in caring for myself and others. The tools shared were invaluable. Extremely grateful for the training.”

"The course was excellent. The interactive way in which the instructor presented herself, thus making it so easy to learn."

​"This seminar was very meaningful, and I am most grateful to have had this opportunity. My gratitude and thankfulness to Wartburg Facility and Carol Cella for enriching my journey.


​The whole experience of this course was very valuable; I learned a great deal about Do's and Don'ts. I am extremely grateful to Wartburg for offering us this opportunity and of course to Caroline Cella for her beautiful presentation and all of the materials."

​"Loved the experiences of sharing exercises with each other. Thank you for the wonderful course, it broadened my horizon. My eyes have been opened and my heart enlarged. God bless you."

​"Well done, excellent. I would take this course over again."

​"First time learning about Pastoral care, I was truly enriched. Excellent training."

​"The course was very helpful; I learned a lot. I thank God for leading me to this training."

“Most of all you brought hundreds of SCV’s to a deeper understanding of our faith. Because of        your work with us, we were prepared to bring the love of God & His healing grace to thousands of patients touched by your program.”

“I enjoyed this training, it helped give me the confidence that I needed to go forward in helping to be a better listener and discerner of people whom I will visit.”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this program.”

“This course has been inspirational and therapeutic. I am glad I heeded the instruction of my pastor. The Lord knows what we need. This program has been a blessing."

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