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Confidence connects with faith and trust and this verse reminds not to be afraid because the Lord is our helper. I am so grateful that God has been faithful in my life and answered prayers many times in ways I may not always understand. In the many unclear moments, I sometimes receive clarity and with wavering ‘confidence’ try not to be afraid. Who of us doesn’t pray (with confidence and without) for better and brighter moments of God’s blessings midst our personal circumstances? Praying not to see with our eyes, but Gods.

It is drawing near to God, that He draws near to us. Gratefully, we can always reconnect with God through an encounter with nature. Our spacious world with mountains, oceans, beaches, trees (whether ordinary or majestic) and much more, delight the senses, along with the seasons, God’s majesty is revealed in varied and lovely ways. Think of the last time you were refreshed by the beauty of nature. Through nature God is sharing His creative love and we might not take adequate advantage of this gift. I know I don’t but sense the call to be further refreshed in God’s abundant magnitude, whether through nature or reading Scripture.

No matter my troubles, God has a perfect match of grace for me. In anyone’s adversity and struggle of caretaking, it’s easy to lose faith and hope and feel we want it ‘over.’ These are the times, God is drawing us closer to rely and hold onto Him. Can we trust that He will provide and give us the grace to let go? How hard it is to relinquish control, but God longs to give us peace, comfort and strength in places where our heart is distraught and burdened.

This quote from Henri Nouwen (A Spirituality of Caregiving, Page 26) “Caregiving is a deeply ingrained human response to suffering. We want to ease pain, to restore calm and peace to those in need. But caretaking takes a toll. There is often a huge cost to the caregiver, and sometimes the care we give springs not from a well of love and altruism but from a bitter sea of resentful duty and obligation. It is hard to listen to others when the pains and troubles of our own lives are clamoring for attention,” touches me. I identify and doubt there is anyone who has not felt resentment at one time or another, particularly in our caretaking experiences. With God’s help, forgiveness is a gift I give myself to lighten my personal emotional burdens and free me to remain peaceful. My heart longs to stay confident and unafraid and I hear the Lord asking, “Do you trust Me? How will I answer each day?

God’s word in the book of Jeremiah 31:25, “For I will refresh the weary soul; every soul that languishes I will replenish,” gives me much to hold onto. I reflect on what needs to change within me to live from a place of confidence, peace and trust. Can anyone identify?

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