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Seeking The Lord's Face

Psalm 27 can be explained as Trust in God, Freedom from Fear or Trust and

commitment to God. I was led to pray this entire psalm, one of my favorites, each day of Lent.

Written by King David, the first three verses helped him to set aside his fear, find release in

communion with God (vv.4-6) and in prayer (vv.7-14.)

It has been my experience that God has and will continue to rescue and sustain in even

the most difficult of circumstances. This can happen in small and big ways, though often this is

recognized in hindsight. Further interpretation of Psalm 27, to the one whose priorities are right

(vv.4,8) has nothing to fear (vv.1-3, 5-6,) knows where to turn in trouble (vv.7-12) and hope is

well founded (vv.13-14.) Particularly, as caretakers our fears often control us and take us away

from seeking the face of the Lord. Fear is rooted in a sense of our vulnerability and

helplessness. Another reminder of our powerlessness, as we walk this journey as caretakers.

Praying this psalm, can center and comfort, as we trust our hope is well founded.

God’s answer comes in obvious or subtle ways, it might be a Scripture verse, a

conversation with a friend that encourages us, a walk outside may refresh our spirit, or a

moment of clarity may give us wisdom. Our gracious God is present in all these ways, and we

can be sure the Lord has heard and is with us. By reading the Scriptures, we find many inspiring

verses that strengthen our hope and endurance. Thankfully, God constantly sends us grace,

helping us to persevere. “In my distress I called out: Lord! I cried out to my God. From His

temple He heard my voice; my cry to Him reached His ears.” Psalm 18:7.

It seems today maintaining a hope filled vision, despite unsettling personal and world

conditions, is a greater challenge. Hope enables us to see beyond today, to God’s eternal plan

for each of us. God can see the whole picture, where we have ‘limited’ sight. Hope pushes us

ahead when we are tempted to quit. Seeing the vision of hope midst desperate and uncertain

circumstances can only stem from our realization that God’s abiding love will never forsake or

abandon us. Knowing God’s love as a reality in our life empowers our acceptance of impossible

situations and provides a way to remain steadfast in our hope. Gratefully, we often receive

‘glimmers’ of light and hope, as we trust in God’s timing, rely on His promises and wait for His


Might you add this beautiful psalm (prayer) to your quiet time? As the Spirit of the

Resurrection fills our hearts to capacity, we pray the last two verses of Psalm 27:13-14, “I

believe I shall see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord, take courage;

be stouthearted, wait for the Lord!”

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