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Come To Me and Receive Rest

To all who are worn down by burdens, we are offered relief, and not from a difficult

task-master. Instead, we receive release from the pressures and tensions of life and of the

peace that follows. We are assured, if we feel overwhelmed by life, Come to Me, The Lord

promises relief, respite, rest from all that is weighing us down – anxiety, fear, worry, doubt –

we do not have to carry this alone. Jesus is waiting, no matter what God is always with us,

loving us through.

If you regularly read God’s Word in the Bible. You might be familiar with Luke 12:7,

“Even the hairs of your head have all been counted. Do not be afraid. You are worth more than

many sparrows.” There is no moment that God’s not with us and our confidence in the call is

always, Come to Me. Come as you are and trust Me to carry this load. Be awake to the

realization that God’s ‘rest’ is like no other. Just praying these verses regularly has helped and

supported me.

My Scripture study, The Word Among Us, wrote encouragingly about verse 29 on rest.

“Talking about rest, the Lord wants to lift us from the burden of trying to follow Him on our

own strength and wisdom. Jesus came to fill us with His Spirit so that we wouldn’t have to

carry such a heavy load on our own. There is relief in not trying too hard to be flawless in every

way. Jesus is always by our side to help us, always giving us the grace, we need to grow in

holiness, and reflect His love to the world. Old habits creep in. We still think if we just work

hard enough, we can do everything asked of us. Then the burden is back on our shoulders, and

we become exhausted and discouraged. In rest, we receive more grace from His Spirit. How-

By following Jesus’ example – He took breaks from work and ministry to spend time with His

Father. Sometimes this meant rising early or taking long walks. Also, time with friends and

enjoying good meals together. Breathe deeply, sit quietly. Cast whatever burdens you are

carrying on the Lord’s capable shoulders. Come to Jesus, He will give you rest. Accept

invitations, be close to friends, let their love and presence reassure you that God has you in the

palm of His hands.”

It has been my experience to start out with the best intentions and then falter and

believe I can on my own. Isn’t that the human condition? As a caretaker, we might think, when

do I have time to do any of these suggestions. Perhaps just breathe a few minutes and know

that God wants to give support, rest. Somehow the intensity of our burden is often lessened.

Being Yoked – joined together as oxen when plowing, balanced as when carrying a

heavy load. Explains how it is important to be ‘balanced.’ Come to Me - Be yoked to Me and let

Me share the weight of your burdens whatever forms they take. They will become lighter, ‘And

you will find rest for yourselves’ – a peace that surpasses all understanding. “Learn from Me –

who I am and what I have done on your behalf in the new and eternal covenant I have made

with you.” As we do, we will find rest, relief and so much more. Will you try praying these

verses regularly and be open to seeing the difference in the support you are receiving?

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