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Power In Relying On The Lord

St. Paul, the author of Corinthians and much more in the Bible, learned that when

he appears weak in others’ eyes, he is stronger, for then God works through Him most

effectively. This may be a hard pill to swallow for most of us. In my humanness, I do not

like to appear or ever be weak and yet, I know that God’s grace encourages me to lean

on Him, with much better results. I find comfort in Psalm 94:19, “When cares increase

within me, Your comfort brings me joy.

Spiritual effectiveness doesn’t depend on our abilities – or even on how others

view us. It depends solely on our willingness to rely entirely on Christ for results. As

caretakers, how do we manage the numerous details for our ill loved one’s care and our

own needs, particularly as we are aging. We know our earthly life can involve hardship,

even for those who are faithful. Jesus explicit teaching was that Christians should

expect hardships, a warning He gave specifically to prevent discouragement in the face

of hard times.

John 16.33, “I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the

world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” The wonder

is not that God permits us to have troubles, but that He gives us peace in our troubles.

In my experience, I have found when I have little energy and rely on the Lord, I am able

to do so much more than even when I am at the top of my game. Trusting God in His

wisdom and letting go, brings much more fruitfulness to my labors. Being strong in the

Lord is a unique, outstanding form of strength, that enables us to be at peace as we do

what we can within the limitations of our lives and trust the results to the Lord.

I quote David Farina Turnbloom (Give Us This Day, 5/8/24,) “We are reassured

by the Scriptures (especially the Psalms) that feelings of exhaustion, fear and doubt are

not evidence of our weakness and failure. Rather these challenges are an unavoidable

part of our calling to follow Christ. So, if we are struggling to find energy and motivation,

it can help to remind ourselves that, according to St. Paul, God knows we are trying, we

are seeking, we are groping. We can find comfort in the fact that God ‘is not far from

any one of us.’ God simply desires that we continue to seek and strive to know and love


Let us echo the words of Psalm 71:14, “I will always hope in You and add to all

Your praise.” May we count on God to restore us and always have hope!

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