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As we put God first, we can rest assured our needs are known and will be supplied in God’s time, yet how often do we choose to worry as our first alternative? There are many promises in the Bible that God will take care of us if we trust Him. Even when we know that worry is probably useless, we can let our thoughts be overcome with anxiety, searching for answers that only God has. Worry can place stress on our entire system and does not help us solve anything. We can compare worry to being in a rocking chair – it keeps you busy, but gets you nowhere. As a caretaker, there are ample opportunities for worry and as many moments when we need to trust in God’s goodness, recalling the number of times we have been blessed in the past.

We don’t have to let worry rule our life and can choose peace by trusting in the Lord, relying on His word in the following Scriptures: Psalm 55:23, “Cast your care upon the Lord, who will give you support. God will never allow the righteous one to stumble.” Sirach 30:21-23, “Do not give in to sadness, torment not yourself with brooding; gladness of heart is the very life of a human being, cheerfulness prolongs one’s days. Distract yourself, renew your courage, drive resentment far away from you; for worry has brought death to many, nor is there aught to be gained from resentment.”

If there any good that will come from worry? Can you name one situation where worry has helped? I realize that fear and worry are closely related and when we are always living and planning for tomorrow, it usually means today is diminished? Personally, I value the gift of peace in my life, but being human there are times I do find myself worried and anxious. When this happens, this is the moment, I need positive ‘self-talk’ and prayer to intersect? It is only God who will strengthen and enable me to be a source of strength for others.

I can choose peace by trusting God, even though I cannot see how the ‘details’ will work out. Usually these moments help me to empty myself of stress, helping me to focus on the peacefulness of the present moment. Being led by the hand of God for many years, I know there is no limit to God’s love and each day, I marvel at God’s goodness and blessings. When worry seeps in, my awareness that God’s peace can displace the trouble and fear in my heart, takes precedence. Is this easy, certainly not! It takes discipline and trust in God’s promises, despite what the ‘situations’ around us look like. Spending time with God, letting Him nourish our soul, providing comfort and encouragement, will enable us to go with the flow, refusing to worry – praying always, trusting God has got ‘this!’

What will you choose today? Your comments are always welcome.

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