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My Lord, My Strength

To be able to copy the prophet Habakkuk’s steadfast love for the Lord, as it shines through in these three short chapters is a good goal. Gratefully, I am confident God is my strength, but not all the time, do I ‘feel’ I can get to the heights. It is those times, I recognize I am looking at my difficult caretaking circumstances and not focusing on “Is anything too marvelous for the Lord to do?” (Genesis 18:14)

Feelings can be neither right nor wrong, they just are and it is faith that carries us. There is no limit to what God can do in my life and the lives of those I love and care for. Thankfully, God is not put off by a lack of faith (there are many examples in Scripture of this,) and He is always faithful to His people through time. God also extends His blessings to everyone and is with us always.

When I am more into my feelings, than faith (when I’m tired and have little time to myself, due to a current illness that demands my attention nearly 24/7, etc.) I know it is time to journal and possibly write some Scriptures that I sense are speaking to me. Whenever I can grab a few minutes, I try to imagine Jesus sitting near (or picture a scene from the Bible and put myself in it,) I talk to the Lord about whatever is on my heart. Then I listen to the thoughts that arise in my mind. I try to write what I hear and receive what God wants to give me. (Note: I am not always a good ‘receiver,’ but happily I know God isn’t finished with me yet!)

God’s voice bears His character: loving, peaceful, patient, gentle, kind and so much more. Through a Spiritual Director, I’ve learned that thoughts that arouse fear, resentment or jealously don’t come from the Lord. One time, in a most gentle manner, this Director shared that there are times I am my own worst enemy and reminded me to be, my own best friend. Her voice still resonates in my heart and often helps me shift for the better.

Once we experience the weight of God’s incredible love, we know it is heavy enough to outweigh our anxieties and frustrations and even better, it is unlimited. We can get a taste of this love anytime and that is what enables us to go on the heights. We must be steadfast in our reliance on God, no matter the circumstances. The Holy Spirit will always guide us through the Word, help us to live it and be filled with hope.

As Habakkuk recognized dangerous times ahead, he was sure God would guide his feet, as he guides the feet of a deer or goat that walks on dangerous mountain heights. Our own circumstances can seem like we are treading through precarious moments each day. Can we believe that even if we lose much in life, God is still to be trusted?

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