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Light Overcomes Fear

Where can I turn to when it seems so dark and overwhelming? I have found God faithful even in the toughest and most unexpected circumstances. How grateful I am that the Lord is my light and my salvation. No dark can overtake me and I have experienced the enfolding, nurturing, transforming love of God throughout my journey.

Because I need ongoing reminders of this, I spend ample time absorbing Scripture and letting the Word permeate my heart. Through this, the situations that concern me with caretaking and all else, become bearable, helping me change my way of thinking and reminding me, I am not alone and to lean on God.

As we have eyes to see, (pray for God to open the eyes of your heart,) look for signs of God’s tender presence, that are all around us. It can be a helpful word from another, the beauty of nature or a God wink – ‘coincidence’ is God’s way of remaining anonymous. These signs can strengthen us and help to prepare us for difficulties on the road ahead.

I recognize how easily I can fall into fear and it is mainly because old hurts color how I perceive the circumstances. Again, God’s abiding presence encourages the exploration of new ways of seeing and doing. As our focus is in trusting that we are in God’s hands, fear gives way to faith. What I feed gets stronger and I want to desire faith first. Feelings aren’t faith and though I might not ‘feel’ like doing what is best for my loved one, in God’s infinite grace, I am inspired to remain steadfast as I keep on, keeping on.

Many a time, I was comforted by the further words in verse 10 of this Psalm - “Even if my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me in.” I reflected that I blamed my father (though he couldn’t control his death) for abandoning me and leaving me to care for my mother, with her addiction to prescription medications. In our brokenness, we perceive many abandonment issues and yet God knows our need before we are even aware and as we are open, brings us healing.

It is vitally necessary to nourish ourselves and find time to play and be balanced. We can’t give from an empty place and when we are on empty, fear rushes in to fill that space. Rather than beating ourselves up with where we failed or what went right or wrong, let us call to mind, where we gave love, where we listened, where we were present. These are valuable gifts. Novelist Debbie Macomber says, “The gift of time is a blessing that no money can ever replace.”

Words of wisdom end Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lord, take courage; be stouthearted, wait for the Lord.” We are reminded, God’s light, love and forgiveness, bigger than we imagine, wait for us!

Can you share a moment of your journey when light revealed healing?

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