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All Can Work For Good

Blessed are those who have eyes to see this verse in action in the stories of their life. Dealing with the realities of our aging family members, friends and ourselves, it can be difficult to believe ‘all’ can work for good, as we trust in God’s love.

When we are in pain, our self-confidence is eroded and doubts can be a constant battle. As we tap into the Holy Spirit, we are given grace to overcome obstacles. Divine Love meets us here in our imperfect, suffering humanity. Every moment can be an opportunity for God to love us and for us to choose to respond to this great love.

My Father had a cardiac arrest in 1986 and lingered in a coma for two weeks. During that time, I listened to an Evangelist on the radio and heard these words, “God loves you enough to put the broken pieces of your life back together and if what is broken cannot be fixed, God promises you something better.” Later that day, we received the call that Dad had died. Praying with those words weeks after his loss, I didn’t see how anything would be better than my Father and I was distressed, he left me to care for my ailing Mother.

In time, as my relationship with the Lord strengthened, recognition came that while suffering and death are a part of life, along with love, joy and resurrection, on the other side of suffering is transformation. Love is stronger than death and we can be thankful for all the places that earth and heaven connect.

With the perspective of years, I can gratefully agree God’s love and grace brought an abundance of good, more than I imagined. While we aren’t privy to God’s long range view, we are encouraged to let our fear give way to our faith, trusting we are in God’s hands and good can come from any situation.

Do you have a story to share or eyes to see the light mid the dark pieces of life?

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