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Hope Renews Your Strength

Run and not grow weary? What’s that about? You might say, “Lord, I can barely walk. My mother (father, husband, child) requires all my care and there’s little time between my job and all else. I am so weary. Where are you God, please help me.”

Hope in the Lord becomes the foundation for all else. The book of Isaiah the prophet, written during a time of exile and great hardship for the Israelites, reminds us that this is the God who stoops to give strength to those who put their hope in Him. The opening verse of chapter 40 is a cry to give ‘Comfort, give comfort to My people, says your God.’ We are led to comfort and encourage one another, with the love and comfort we receive from our gracious God.

On a personal note, I can’t count the many times I have been so weary and prayed for relief. Hope held me together when I thought I couldn’t go even another step. Our confidence is that God hears our prayers and never says no. He will either give the answer we like best – yes, right away or wait awhile or I have something better for you. It is trust at each moment.

In the waiting, hope can be maintained by prayer, scripture reading, love of others and care for oneself. When we are on empty, we cannot give anything. We are called to rest in God’s presence, receiving God’s love. Taking the time to let this powerful love soak in deeply, will carry us to care for one with Alzheimer’s or other serious illnesses. We can’t fix anyone or take away their pain, but attending to our own needs and being in relationship with the Divine within, renews our hope and strength and enables us to continue caretaking.

We take comfort in God’s word in Matthew 11:28 – “Come to Me, all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.”

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