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Trusting Your Circumstances to the Lord

God asks for our trust and life usually revolves on how much we are able to give it. Being a care-taker can be an all consuming endeavor. Sometimes we 'fall' into this position willingly - helping a loved one, who is in physical or emotional distress, other times we resist the caretaker position, performing the bare necessities for the loved one in need and instead resenting every minute of it.

Of course, our resentment usually binds us and certainly does not help our relationships. From the resentment often come guilt and this vicious cycle brings further despair. I have lived this cycle being a care-giver for my Mother for many years. Perhaps I started out willingly, but as time went on, it became increasing difficult. She became addicted to prescription medication and nearly overdosed six times (we lost count.) Of course, magnified in all this were my childhood 'issues' with her.

Gratefully, it was the grace of God that carried me, as I endeavored to trust Him, one day at a time. I reflect now how I was changed and thankfully our mother-daughter relationship was healed before she died. God saw the whole picture and led me to walk through, as I trusted and even with the days of despair, to wonder at how I could ever survive, till the day I was able to thrive.

From this blog, I hope to inspire and encourage others that our God can be trusted, even through the dark days. Where else can we go, but to our Creator, to the God who loves us beyond our wildest imaginings. Will you join me on this journey with your own comments about care-taking and together we will grow in spiritual awareness. Please contact me.

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