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Assured Of God's Love

How comforting these words are to all caregivers who experience so many ups and

downs on this journey. What does the word stronghold mean to you? According to Webster’s

Dictionary, it is a place of security or survival. Nestled in God’s arms and holding onto hope,

despite ‘outward’ circumstances, we are assured of God’s love. The bottom line is, where else

can we go? It is living from faith to faith, one moment at a time. Gratefully, there are so many

reminders of God’s love in the Scriptures and in the people in our lives that bless and encourage

us. They provide a powerful reminder of God’s love, as do we for them.

God’s word seeps into our spirits like a healing spring of water. As we read and pray, we

come to the place that helps us trust again. Many of the psalms offer hope and healing. (Psalm

23, 30, 34, 46, 56, 63, 119, 121, 139.) Psalm 31 is a prayer in distress and thanksgiving for

escape, verse six was used when Jesus was on the cross. Psalm 31:6, “Into Your hands I

commend My spirit; You will redeem me, Lord, God of truth.” I often pray this verse for my

loved ones and myself, trusting wholeheartedly in the last verse. “Be strong and take heart, all

who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:25.

Looking back through the years, can you see the affirmation of God’s love in your life?

Our prayers may not be answered quickly or the way we desire. Yet, God is God. and we are

not. Knowing we are loved and that all is for our ultimate good helps us to go forward.

Sometimes Jesus calms the storm and others He calms our hearts. Although death and loss are

part of the cycle of life, God’s love remains strong and present. Where God is, fear cannot be.

Inspiring words from the Letters of St. Catherine of Siena, “Christ is our hope, our

provider, our strength. Christ never fails anyone who trusts in Him, for we are provided for in

proportion to our trust in our Creator. Christ frees us from weakness and strengthens the heart

of the troubled who with genuine humility and confidence ask His help.” Can we believe this,

trusting we can learn more from the Lord each day? As we do, God’s love permeates our


Suffering is not the final word. We live in a fallen world and God can use our trials to

help us grow. It might be during times of suffering that we experience God’s love most. We

can sense He is with us and are assured in Psalm 34:19, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted,

saves those whose spirit is crushed.” Even as we question our faith and our circumstances, we

are given the grace to endure and believe that no matter what we are facing, there will be a

resurrection. As the song says, “Raise me up to more than I can be.”

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